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4 famiglie

The story of 4 adoptive families and the birth of 4inzu

We became adoptive parents

Our time in Burundi has been a patchwork of images and emotions that we’ll cherish forever in our hearts.

We could never forget those days because – right there and then – everything took shape, moment by moment, like an explosion of new life, a rebirth.

We were finally parents and we felt regenerated; on May 2nd, 2017 our lives had taken on a new shape.

Our children weren’t trying to understand our language, but they finally collected the emotions of the language of love: the cuddles, the games and the songs…hours passed by and a puzzle was slowly shaping in their minds, one where mom and dad stopped being just abstract concepts

We were exploring their world, a world made of smiles and desire to run fast towards their new life, while we would have liked to slow down, freeze that moment to fully enjoy the beauty we were experiencing.

Running by the shore of Lake Tanganyika, splashing with the water until we were completely wet, walking and hiking, playing in the pool and evenings spent chatting are the moments that triggered so many emotions which we shared before leaving Burundi.

All the children were thinking about

We were so happy about our children, their smiles, their enthusiasm, but the looks of the children who remained in the orphanage, waiting for a mom and dad, kept bouncing around in our minds.

Those eyes said, without many words, that they, too, wished a different life

The day we had to leave, Leopold, the director of the orphanage, but more importantly the person who had taken care of our children until a few days before, came to visit us.

On the bus to the airport, without thinking too much about it, we told him that we were thinking of helping him improve the lives of the children waiting to be adopted, and also those who could not be adopted; we wanted a better, more dignified life and a welcoming home for all of them.

This feeling was the spark that pushed us towards a great adventure, sharing our ideas and crazy dreams we didn’t even think could come true.

4 papà

Leonardo, Francesco, Antonio e Sabino, the 4 superdads of 4inzu

Following a dream: 4inzu is born

A dream comes true one step at a time, and for us the first step was going to Polignano a Mare. As the waves were going back and forth, us 4 dads gave life to 4inzu, signing the deed of incorporation of the association that would not be what it is today without four fantastic mothers and our four wonderful children.

The word “inzu” in the Kirundi language means “home” but also “family” and our four families are the fuel that drives this crazy dream.

Our projects

Today, almost four years later, we built the orphanage in Gitega called Nice Hope House, that welcomes more than 50 children and young people.

We also started projects to support children’s nutrition and health, to buy furniture, and projects for the sustainability of the place, a bakery, a preschool and scholarships for young college students.

Many people thinks we are heroes for what we are doing, but we believe our strength lies in the many donors who have shared our dream by helping us and continuing to help us realize all the projects we have in mind.

Well, maybe… when we are playing with our kids, wrestling with them on the couch, when we are racing them to see who’s the fastest, when we are watching them sleep…only then, even without superpowers, do we feel like “super dads”, just a little bit!

Francesco Semeraro

Thanks to Alessandra D’Angelo for the English translation of the article published on the site superpapà.it 


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